Shade’s shadowy and razor-sharp six-string raucousness is an all-consuming beast, bruising with a dark and doomy swagger one moment, and pushing skywards with hazy, transcendental trips the next. 

Hailing from Hamilton, ON the band takes the most vital parts of the music they grew up on—Brit rock’s ambitious sneer, neo-psychedelia’s mind-melting hooks, and grunge’s punk-infused heaviness—and turbocharges them, building an assault of sound that can shake the foundations of a stadium just as readily as it razes a grimy dive bar. It pulls from the storied halls of rock ‘n’ roll Valhalla while injecting a much-needed dose of 21st-century verve, like a Frankenstein’s monster stitched together by wild riffs, fists-raised riots, and evil energy.

At the band’s helm are Stephane Senecal-Tremblay (lead vocals/acoustic guitar) and Sam Rashid (lead guitar), who’ve collaborated extensively since before they were old enough to (legally) drink, which has contributed intimately to Shade’s signature dynamism. The band’s hard-edged sound is rounded out by Zakk Cozens (guitar), Mackenzie Sawyer (bass), and Zander Lamothe (drums), each an integral voice in Shade’s writing process going forward.

Their music whether on stage or on record encapsulates the duality of the band’s moniker—sometimes it can be dark, mysterious, and bubbling with sinister undertones, but it also provides that peaceful, easy feeling a heavy wash of dense psychedelia fills you with, if only you let it. So let Shade in.