For Programm, it’s been a slow build towards their debut album. Getting there meant discovering how to make music that they wanted to make, instead of music confined to genre conventions or outward expectations.

The band collected influences from all over the spectrum, with stops in drone, electronic minimalism and eastern progressions, refining each sonic detail and enabling each other’s intense perfectionism in the process. Programm discovered and refined their hybrid electronic-rock sound as they wrote, rewrote, recorded and rerecorded.

The band’s sound refined even more as they met Alexandre Bonenfant (Metz, Crystal Castles), who helped them filter their polyglot psychedelia into dark but accessible melody-laden compositions that hit the sweet spot between Portishead, Broadcast and The Horrors. Programmed and sequenced, but also warm and full, Jacob Soma and Jackie Game’s vocals bringing out the best in each other, it’s a rich sound that Flare Magazine calls “highly addictive.”