Mute Choir joins the family; stream new single “Familiar Ways” now

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Toronto-based rock trio Mute Choir premieres new single “Familiar Ways” today via Indie88, the first following their signing to Sleepless Records. Save and purchase the track HERE, with a “gritty…instrumental line that rivals the likes of Tame Impala.” On November 25 in Toronto, the band will perform at Drake Underground as part of the School Night series.

“Familiar Ways” depicts the surreal state of being a spectator of your own life; detached from your actions, feeling a constant pull between clarity and confusion, unable to break the cycle. Wanting change but fearing the future, past mistakes instilling doubt, and old habits kept alive as a means of comfort. “Familiar Ways” plays out like a pop song with its straightforward lyrics and bouncing backbeat, with dense layers reflecting the dizzying psychology underneath. A robotic mess of voices set the scene for an anxious mind suspicious of its own motives, questioning “did I overreact? was it all in my head?” The band reveals that “Familiar Ways is about a vicious cycle where the temptation of bad habits can lead to an indulgence in your dark side and subsequent moments of nihilism. Most of the song is narrated as an internal monologue, working through submersed feelings and spurs of self-doubt as you question why you constantly find yourself back at square one.”

Producer/songwriter Sam Arion founded Mute Choir following an identity crisis. He is joined by fellow musical polymaths Milan Sarkadi and Iris Waters; a team brought together by their thirst for experimentation and a long-established songwriting bond between Arion and Waters. The three are involved in almost every aspect of their work, from production and mixing to artwork, delivering a vision that is distinctly their own. Loosely defining their style as organized chaos, Mute Choir has the ability to encapsulate both the essence of a cluttered downtown as well as the lonesome ambience of insomnia. The group seeks to make sense of the noise around them, searching for a middle ground between conflicting forces. More information will be released as it becomes available.

Upcoming Show:
Nov. 25 – Toronto, ON @ Drake Underground (School Night)