Micah Erenberg is lifting his listeners into a sphere of delicate fulfillment, painting loneliness as a universal craving for human connection over his narratives of getting sober, rain soaked mornings and searching for something bigger than ourselves.

The hardest thing to say is how you feel because then it becomes real. While Canada’s Micah Erenberg knows the risk in wearing your heart on your sleeve, the 26-year-old understands the importance of a shared experience. One that can make someone feel brighter, understood, less alone. Love Is Gonna Find You is the songwriter’s highly anticipated second album, set to be released on October 4th, via Sleepless Records. 

Growing up in the very rural Manitoba, Erenberg gravitated towards music as a curious endeavour around the age of 9 when he first picked up a guitar. That soon turned into writing and recording and inevitably, tours followed and numerous band projects continued until, at the age of 20, he set out to do his own thing. Going it alone has allowed him to express an overlying message of love and positivity through his work and it’s on Love Is Gonna Find You that Erenberg has truly found his groove.