Jeremie Albino shares new single “Klondike Man”

By April 24, 2020 May 19th, 2020 No Comments

Jeremie Albino returns with new single “Klondike Man” today, premiering on American Songwriter.

The origin story behind Albino’s “Klondike Man” is humbling.  Albino wrote the song quite some time ago and has been fleshing it out during gigs, which is the precise way in which the song got its jumpstart.  “I wrote that one a long time ago.  I had gotten my first gig and I had moved to the city and started playing,” Albino explained.  “I didn’t have very many songs but I wanted to try out music and I didn’t realize when I took this gig it was a three-hour set from 10-1 at a bar.  I only had a handful of songs, so I was like ‘oh man I got to write asap’.  The week before the gig I wrote that song.  It was just about panning for gold and going on an adventure and just making it on your own in the world.”

“Klondike Man” comes to life through Albino’s quintessential bluesy harmonica and emotive verse-chorus style lyrics.  It’s a true resurgence of the most authentic blues brought to life through the eyes of a modern and young, but old-soul artist.  Albino’s representation of a one-man band and classic A/B song structure paired with superb storytelling would astonish his idols.

“When I first wrote the song, I was so proud, because I had always had a hard time writing songs and this was my third or fourth song ever written,” said Albino.  “To this day performing it just brings me so much joy.  There’s a real feeling I get when I sing the song.”