Cellist Justin Wright shares new video for “In Sunlight”

By September 17, 2019 September 19th, 2019 No Comments

“Justin Wright’s complex and intricate compositions are unexpectedly mesmerizing works that shun passivity and necessitate engagement from listeners.” – Dominionated

“Music for Staying Warm is an antidote to anticipatory anxiety.” – Exclaim! Magazine

“’A slow-moving piece of organic majesty.” – Clash Magazine

Montreal cellist Justin Wright continues his collaboration with filmmaker Jonathan Durand, marrying the meditative tones of his cello with Durand’s humanity affirming slow motion images.

“In Sunlight”, a track from his 2019 album Music For Staying Warm was recorded in Justin’s DIY studio setup at the Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada, where he has just returned to work on new music. The album is a lesson on the power of simplicity – “every sound you hear is cello” Justin says, and was recorded with a single microphone. Pinned on a canopy of shimmering harmonics, two improvised melody lines slowly define the composition.

The video shoot took place at Montreal’s joyous weekly gathering Tam Tams, a meeting point for drummers, picnickers, dancers, and beautiful eccentric people every Sunday in Parc du Mont Royal. Footage of exuberant & blissful playing is juxtaposed by the beatless tranquility of “In Sunlight”, serving to illustrate the idea that serenity can be found in many different shapes.

Over the duration of Music For Staying Warm, nine experimental compositions and improvisations are unwound for the listeners pleasure, each with its own gentle patience, inviting you to “relinquish your sense of anticipation” and enjoy the drift.